Trusted Advisor

With access to the world’s leading technology vendors and teams, we use our understanding of your business needs to recommend the best and most advanced technology available in the world.

We are Independent Trusted Advisors, giving us access to an unparalleled range of technology options and support to enable your business transformation. Our dedicated Trusted Advisors will give you the reassurance that you are working with expert professionals at the highest level, accountable, responsive and committed to delivering exemplary customer service.


Finding the right solutions

Based on a deep understanding of your business, we will show you what technology you need to invest in to transform your business, and the steps needed to achieve transformation with optimal investment and minimal disruption.

Our unique proposition gives you access to over 150 Tier one technology vendors across Cloud, Security, Connectivity and Communications. And with our unique AI powered procurement platform, not only can we provide you instant access to the world’s leading vendors, but we can also accelerate the procurement process by giving you the right tools, knowledge and insights to make the right strategic decision in days, not months. 

Our experts will analyse the options available to you, and recommend the most cost-effective and productive IT solutions for your business.

We will recommend the tools which provide the right level of digital security for your business needs, focussing on protecting your business-critical data and infrastructure from cyber-attack and downtime.

We are at the forefront of the As-a-Service movement and can give you instant access to the world of technology through one dedicated tech partner who acts as an extension of your internal team.

Digital Transformation

Building the right solutions

Cleartec is a Cloud and Digital Transformation specialist; leading experts in Development and AI. With over 170 developers within our team, we bridge the gaps between business strategy, people and technology.

Whether it’s Development, Automation, Integrations or Business Intelligence, our expert knowledge is helping our clients harness the power of their data and bring about better business insights and outcomes. Our AI Taskforce teams are also providing new era technology to our clients by harnessing the power of Azure Open AI. We have extensive experience in multiple AI models including conversational, generative, knowledge mining, machine learning and LLM’s. We also offer pay as you use development resource service, to support existing internal dev teams or completely outsource your project to us.


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