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At Cleartec, you can rely on a combination of our expert advice and understanding of your business needs, and our partnerships with the world’s leading Unified Communications specialist, offering a global integrated cloud communications platform provider to meet your communication needs.

What is XCaaS?

eXperience Communications as a Service (XCaaS), is the ultimate fusion of CCaaS, UCaaS and embedded communications bringing together employee and customer experiences.
XcaaS dissolves the boundaries between customer and employee experience to create new levels of productivity, collaboration, and customer service excellence.
It provides fully integrated communications covering contact centres, social media channels, audio & video conferencing, and telephony over a single, cloud-based platform. Everything is in one place, and you can also run performance metrics across every type of interaction.

Cleartec offers XCaas

Through our partnerships we offer Cloud Communication Platforms, a single, integrated cloud platform for unified communications and contact centre that enables your entire workforce to become more responsive to your customers’ needs and to work more collaboratively across the company.
Connect your employees and customers with a single app for all modes of communication, running on cloud hosted platforms. Bring together the best of voice, video, chat, contact centre, analytics, and APIs in one powerful app, running on any device from anywhere.

Cloud Communication Platforms delivers:

Why use Open Communications Platform™?

Instant access to information

Give your team a full access to customer information. They will have access to any interaction a customer has had with your business and transparency of previous call transcripts.

Company-wide collaboration

Collaboration taken to a whole new level. See your colleagues’ availability before transferring calls, reducing ‘bounce’ for your customers, and customise interfaces so team members have all the relevant information in front of them.

Open integration framework

Easily connect your business and CRM apps, to help your teams achieve new levels of productivity without complexity or cos

Contact Centre

Create greater employee and customer engagement with AI-powered workflows for every interaction.

Reliable global comms

Get the security, privacy, compliance, reliability you need for complete peace of mind, with a single point of accountability

Full transparency for complete business insight

Unified analytics across all your employee and customer interactions give you the business intelligence you need to drive continuous improvement.

Complete communications

Everything is here, all accessed from one place, enabling you to interact with your customers across all channels, wherever they are.

Any platform, anywhere

With everything on one screen for your employees, your customers can engage with them using their preferred method of communication and you’ll never miss an interaction.

A smart, digital workspace

Your team has the flexibility to work from anywhere, on any device, but still communicate and collaborate as if they were in the same space.

Scalable communications

One administration console allows you to configure, manage, and monitor all your communications from a single source, and is flexible enough to scale to meet your needs.

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