Cleartec provides end to end testing solutions, with comprehensive and reliable testing and the highest QA standards to ensure that your new software product meets or exceeds your requirements and user expectations.

Using innovative techniques and blending technologies we achieve remarkable results and complete quality assurance.

Our testing services team provides a range of testing services at all levels of development, focussed on ensuring the best customer experience.

Our full range of services delivers high-quality apps, systematically and scrupulously tested to prevent bugs and ensure security, quality, and system operation.

Advanced software testing methods and best-practice ensure enhanced performance, maximum scalability, high reliability and cutting-edge software products.

Our Testing Services

Functional Testing

Automated functional testing against defined specifications for mobile, web, and enterprise apps to ensure robust functionality, app verification and validation.

Automation Testing

Our automation testing experts ensuring safe and problem-free automation and integration of your business processes and reduces up time-to-market for new enterprise apps.

Performance Testing

Expert performance testing across domains, technologies and client-server applications provides end-to-end, cloud-based performance testing in a simulated, real-life environment to ensure the behaviour and performance of your application. in a and eliminate performance events occurring now and in the future.

Security Testing

Our advanced security testing expertise reveals any vulnerabilities in your software, enabling risk minimisation, increased quality assurance and protection.

Cloud Testing

Thorough testing for all challenges by simulating real-world user traffic enhances your application’s scalability, performance, and reliability in a cloud environment.

UI Testing

In an ultra-competitive software program marketplace, no one gets a second chance to make a good impact and ensure a superb experience for every users. We test the design of your application to ensure that the front end is up to the mark with Windows compliance standards in terms of menus, buttons, animation or graphics.

Cleartec’s development support and testing ensures that all your business apps and business-critical processes across every platform are of the highest quality and security, and enables more rapid and secure development.

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