Simplifying the world of technology

In today’s digital world, it can be hard to keep up with the pace of change. With an ever-increasing range of technology services and products, how do you know what’s going to best serve your business now, and as it grows?
Many business owners share similar concerns.

Ceartec’s Consultancy service is the answer.

Business-focussed IT consultants

Our digital transformation consultants use their expertise in multiple technologies, tools, and techniques to modernise your business and build scalable business platforms that deliver a competitive edge.


We will work as part of your business to provide guidance and support on all aspects of technology and IT Infrastructure, ensuring you have a clear and achievable technology strategy that will guarantee the success of your business.

Technology Roadmaps

Once the strategy is in place, we define a clear technology roadmap, identifying step-by-step the process for delivering on the strategy. Our clear-minded approach gives you the confidence that you are in control at each stage, and that your business transformation and integration will be carried out seamlessly, with no or minimal disruption to business operations.

vCIO Service

This is an essential service for businesses focussed on digital transformation but not yet ready to take on the full time overhead of a C- level Executive or IT Director. This as-a-service solution provides all the benefits and knowledge of a CIO to guide and deliver successful Cloud and digital transformation.

Project Management

Cleartec will oversee your complete IT infrastructure, ensuring everything is in place to support your growth. We make sure that technology is empowering your business and its people to do more and stay ahead of your competition.

Cleartec bridge the gap between your business strategy and technology, turning tech solutions into real-life business productivity. We’ll simplify the world of IT, by bringing you the right tools, platforms, and expertise direct to you, giving you the independent guidance needed to make the right decisions, and managing the entire process of change for you end-to-end.

As your business begins to harness the power of these improvements and grow, we’ll continue to support you and help you get the most out of solution over time. With Cleartec as your partner, digital transformation becomes simple and pain-free.

Your success is our success.


One of the biggest headaches faced by business owners or IT managers when upgrading infrastructure or software, or planning complete digital transformation is the question, ‘what’s the best tool for the job?
With so many vendors, products and options out there, it can be difficult to identify the right one to meet business needs, and mistakes can be costly and time-consuming to put right.

Cleartec is an Independent Trusted Advisor

Our unique technology decision-making platform helps to keep you ahead of the accelerating pace of change and innovation in technology..
As a Trusted Advisor, Cleartec will help you to manage change and plan for the future using AI powered technology to navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape.
We’ll explore your business needs and use our unique platform to identify the technology solutions – whether hardware or software – that will best meet those needs. Using the platform, we’ll be able to narrow down the options and provide you with a ready-vetted list of potential solutions.
We’ll talk you through the options, and help you to make an educated and information decision.
Then we’ll manage the procurement process for you.

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